Filmmaker Rachel Israel’s Keep the Change Hits NY Theaters!

Filmmaker Rachel Israel’s Keep the Change Hits NY Theaters!

After receiving her Princess Grace Award in 2006, Rachel Israel produced her short thesis film, Keep the Change, which was recently made into a feature film with the help of a Princess Grace Special Projects grant.

The film, set in New York City, follows two adults on the autistim spectrum who fall in love. The lighthearted romantic comedy represents a type of film that pulls away from the usual stock characters. A review from The Hollywood Reporter agrees that moviegoers “don't see many characters with autism on screen, and even more rarely see them presented as unmanipulatively as they are here.” 

Rachel was named Best New Narrative Director at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival for her film, and continues to receive praise for Keep the Change, which shows an honest view of dating for people with autism. Read the full review here.

See a list of upcoming showings below:

New York City, NY - Quad Cinema from March 16-22nd

San Francisco, CA - Roxie Theater - March 23-29th

Chicago, IL - Music Box Theater - March 23-29th

Baltimore, MD - Parkway Theater - March 23-29th

Winston-Salem, NC - Aperture Cinema - April 13-19th

Encino, CA - Laemmle Town Center 5 - April 20-26th

Los Angeles, CA - Laemmle Royal Theatre - April 20th-26th

Albuquerque, NM - The Guild Cinema - April 20-23rd

On top of that, the film will continue its tour of the country with numerous one-off screenings in places like Florida, California, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, and Massachusetts. You can find a complete list of past and future screenings here.

March 14, 2018

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