Princess Grace Awards Winners Take Seattle’s Dance Community by Storm!

Princess Grace Awards Winners Take Seattle’s Dance Community by Storm!

This January, Seattle’s dance community will be hosting the works of three extraordinary Princess Grace Awards winners whose companies are all based in the Emerald City.

Whim W’Him’s Artistic Director Olivier Wevers promises to “push the boundaries of contemporary dance” with IN’spire—his captivating new winter program along with fellow Awards winner Dominic Walsh and choreographer Mark Haim from January 22 - January 30. Click here for more details!

Choreographer Zoe Scofield of zoe | juniper, creates stunning dance performances, video installations and photography works. She will present WE WERE. a new immersive visual art installation. The display, running at the Frye Art Museum until January 10, is inspired by memory and the maps our brains create to house thought.

Pacific Northwest Ballet soloist Margaret Mullin, is working on an emotional documentary about world renowned dancer and choreographer Ian Horvath, whose untimely death rocked the dance world during the height of the AIDS crisis in 1990. Margaret will re-stage some of Horvath’s work that will be filmed for camera and conduct interviews with people influenced by him. Stay tuned for more information and check out the website here!

If you’re not in the Seattle area – don’t fret. Princess Grace Awards dancers and choreographers are performing in various cities across the United States.



Choreographer Kyle Abraham performs his latest work WHEN THE WOLVES CAME IN on January 20 at the Newman Center


Michelle Dorrance performs with her company Dorrance Dance on January 29 at the Weis Center at Bucknell University


New York City Ballet dancer Tiler Peck performs Liebeslieder Walzer, about four couples in love from January 20-29


ABT’s dancers: Gillian Murphy, Isabella Boylston, Joseph Gorak, Skylar Brandt and Cassandra Trenary will be performing The Sleeping Beauty at the John F. Kennedy Center from January 27-31.

January 7, 2016

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